Tuyển dụng Compliance Manager, mức lương 1000USD – 2000USD, làm việc tại Đồng Nai.

Tuyển dụng Compliance Manager

Tuyển dụng Compliance Manager

1. Mô tả công việc

– Conduct periodic internal reviews or audits to ensure that compliance procedures are followed.
– Conduct or direct the internal investigation of compliance issues.
– Assess product, compliance or operational risks and develop risk management strategies.
– Conduct environmental audits to ensure adherence to environmental standards.
– Indentify compliance issues that require follow-up or investigation.
– Disseminate written policies and procedures related to compliance activities.
– Evaluate testing procedures to meet the specifications of environmental monitoring programs.
– Verify that software technology is in place to adequately provide oversight and monitoring in all required areas.
– Serve as a confidential point of contact for employees to communicate with management, seek clarification on issues or dilemmas, or report irregularities.
– Maintain documentation of compliance activities, such as complaints received or investigation outcomes.
– Consult with the BOM as necessary to address difficult legal compliance issues.
– Discuss emerging compliance issues with management or employees.
– Collaborate with human resources departments to ensure the implementation of consistent disciplinary action strategies in cases of compliance standard violations.
– Advise internal management or business partners on the implementation or operation of compliance programs.
– Provide employee training on compliance related topics, policies, or procedures.
– Provide assistant to internal or external auditors in compliance reviews.
– Prepare management reports regarding compliance operations and progress.
– Monitor compliance system to ensure their effectiveness.
– Direct the development or implementation of compliance-related policies and procedures or reporting tools.
– Direct environmental programs, such as air or water compliance, aboveground or underground storage tanks, spill prevention or control, hazardous water or materials management, solid water recycling, medical waste management, indoor air quality, integrated pest management, employee training, or disaster preparedness.
– Perform new audit activities as they are implemented from time to time.
– Perform related duties as assigned.

2. Yêu cầu

– Diploma holder or above
– 8 years experience in the Garment filed and in factory audit and assessment; quality management and social compliance.
– Previous experience in similar industry preferred
– Good interpersonal & communication skills
– Proficient in the use computers (MS Office, internet etc.)
– Fluent in written and spoken English and Vietnamese
– Ability to work under high pressure and challenging environment.
– Excellent management skills, verification and Problems Solving skills.
– Detailed, principled

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